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Events for 2018 Yale Comp

International Standard International Latin
Newcomer W, T C, R
Bronze W, T, Q C, R, J
Silver W/Q, T, F C/R, S, J
Gold W/Q, T/F, Vw C/R, S/J, P
Pre-Open Amateur W/T/F/Q, Vw C/S/R/J, P
Open Amateur W/T/V/F/Q, intro** C/S/R/P/J, intro**
American Smooth American Rhythm
Newcomer W, F C, Sw
Bronze W, T, F C, R, Sw
Silver W, T, F, Vw C, R, Sw, M
Gold W/T, F/Vw C/R, Sw/M, B
Open W/T/F/Vw, intro** C/R/Sw/B/M, intro**

Abbreviations are: C, cha cha; F, foxtrot; J, jive; P, paso doble; Q, quickstep; R, rumba; S, samba; Sw, swing; T, tango; Vw, Viennese waltz; and W, waltz.

Dances separated by slashes are combined into a single event. Events are separated by commas.

* Syllabus dances (Bolero, Viennese Waltz, and Paso Doble) are open to bronze, silver, and gold dancers.
** Open/Open Amateur level finalists will be introduced couple by couple before their final round, and they will be allowed to perform an unjudged solo dance as time permits.